Direct Mail Services Pros and Cons

direct mail services

Direct mail services are the different strategies and techniques that go into creating direct mail advertisements in the form of brochures, booklets, postcards, flyers, newsletters and other printed materials to reach out to the targeted market and recipients. This form of advertisement is considered to be the most effective method of marketing a business or brand because of its ability to generate a response faster than any other medium of advertising. Its response rate is much higher than that of other forms of direct marketing, mainly because of the directness of the campaign. Unlike other forms of advertisement, such as television ads, posters, commercials and billboards, direct mail advertisements have an added element of personalization and of being more personal. This personal touch tends to make an impact on the consumer’s mind and makes him take some time to think about it.

Why Choose Direct Mail Services?

Direct mail services include the design, development, printing and mailing of your printed materials. There are a number of technologies that you can choose from for the printing and mailing services including e-marketing, direct mail marketing, direct mail distribution and database management systems. The technologies used are mainly dependent on your marketing strategy, the type of merchandise you want to print and the purpose of your mailing campaign.

Database management is one of the advanced technologies used in direct mail services. This system allows users to store information about customers, their preferences and interests, buying habits and other data that are necessary for analyzing market trends and developing marketing campaigns. This helps companies to segment their customers into different categories for better targeting of product offers. Database management also involves the use of sophisticated software tools for the purpose.

Another advanced technique used in direct mail services is a data processing and the use of electronic data management services. With the help of electronic data processing systems, companies can process large volumes of customer information in a short time. Electronic data processing systems usually use bar codes, optical scanners, computer data entry systems, voice recognition software and other similar technology tools. These systems make the printing and mailing of brochures, manuals, newsletters and other printed materials much more convenient and efficient.

The quality of printing in direct mail services depends on the quality of paper used. The quality of paper directly influences the impression your brochures and other printed materials have on your potential customers. Generally, ink-based dry papers are used in direct mail services because they are more durable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. These dry papers are made of 70% recycled paper. However, you should consider the cost of ink-based dry papers before deciding which brand or paper to use for your direct mail campaign.

Apart from the paper quality, the quality of direct mail services also depends on the level of database management. Database management involves the use of sophisticated software tools for the purpose of creating and maintaining the database of customers, their preferences and other related information. Database management is an important aspect of direct mail campaigns. Without appropriate database management, your campaigns would fail to achieve the desired impact. If the database management is poor, your efforts may be wasted even before they start. The quality of direct mail campaigns depends on the quality of database management.

You can expect great results when you use properly designed direct mail campaigns. However, sometimes even the best campaigns require some tweaking. If you need help with these campaigns, you can avail yourself of the services of a reputable direct mail company.


Other important direct mail services pros and cons include: * Mail prices – In general, the more you charge for your mailing efforts, the more effective they are. There are many factors such as the volume of mailing, you need to consider. However, the price you pay for your services also depends on the type of direct mail services you get. The most common types of pricing are based on impression pricing, level pricing and cost-per-mail pricing.